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3 Things That Make Your Home an Easy Target for Break-ins

by Rusk Lock and Key Locksmithing

Some people believe they’re not at risk for a home break-in, because they don’t have anything worth stealing. But home break-ins are crimes of opportunity. As drug use continues to climb, most thieves are looking for a way to get in and out quickly to support their habit. They’ll steal cash (yes, even change on a counter), prescription drugs, and easily carried items. They’re not stealing the crowned jewels. They need money for a fix. You don’t have to be wealthy to be a target. Criminals want an easy find, so don’t give them one by making these mistakes:

3 Common Ways People Invite Break-ins and How to Fix Them

Home security isn’t expensive. Several affordable options can greatly reduce your risk in a matter of hours. Still, many Peoria, Arizona residents are more vulnerable than they know.

Are you one of them?
You are if you…

Forgot to Change the Locks?
How many people have the key to your home? The pet sitter, a childcare professional, a housekeeper, a family member, your best friend, your next-door neighbor, your romantic partner? Every one of them places you at risk and opens up the possibility that your key was copied.

What about the people who owned your home before you? Not just the owners, but everyone they may have entrusted with a key. How many people is that?
Most people assume their loved one would never do them harm. But when the relationship sours and they demand the key back, is that the only copy? A 2010 report from the Department of Justice found that 65% of home invasion victims knew the offender, and 34% were relatives or well-known acquaintances.

Additionally, when you hire someone giving them access to your home, you don’t know their employment practices and who they are employing or letting go. Did they copy your key?
Don’t take chances. Rekey your locks when personal or professional relationships end. A locksmith can do this for you in a couple of minutes for less than you think. Having your home rekeyed is one of your best protections against a home invasion.

Use a Basic Lock on the Front Door

It’s easy for someone at the front door to gain entry when you have an inward swinging door. Imagine a child or an older adult opening your door partially to a stranger. It takes a lot of strength with an inward-opening door to keep that person out.

However, inward-opening safety locks for under $50 can be installed in a few minutes. These locks provide peace of mind with an additional layer of security and reinforcement to keep you and your family safe. They also offer additional childproofing or elder proofing to protect your loved ones from leaving home without your knowledge.

Have Unsecured Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are popular in the Peoria, Glendale, Surprise and all over Arizona. They allow for great outdoor views and easy access. The latter is precisely why thieves love them. A sliding glass door can be easily nudged off the track, providing access to your home. However, a Charlie Bar can prevent that from happening. This safety mechanism installs in less time than it takes to fill out a police report.

The average home burglary is not planned. It’s a crime of opportunity. House break-ins (on average) last 8 to 10 minutes. Thieves look for an open window, sliding glass door, or key that will give them quick access to a home. A survey of burglars conducted by the University of North Carolina found that 41% of respondents said they acted on the “spur of the moment.” Only 12% said their actions were premeditated.

One of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, and your friends is to give the gift of safety. Most of these solutions cost less than a fast-food meal for four. Don’t be an easy target for a break-in. Get peace of mind and become a less attractive target for criminals by making a few quick changes today.

If you would like to know more about how to protect your family, purchase and install any of these security measures, or if you want to change your locks, Rusk Lock and Key can help.

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