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Are You Really Ready to Exchange Keys?

Giving Access to Your Home Without Compromising Your Safety Whether you are swept up in the excitement of the next phase of your relationship or need to give someone access to your home, proving your key seems like a convenient way to allow someone in. But it comes with a security risk. In Arizona alone, there is (on average) one burglary every 24 minutes, 34 seconds, and one larceny/theft every…

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Is your Arizona home easy for thieves to target?

3 Things That Make Your Home an Easy Target for Break-ins by Rusk Lock and Key Locksmithing Some people believe they’re not at risk for a home break-in, because they don’t have anything worth stealing. But home break-ins are crimes of opportunity. As drug use continues to climb, most thieves are looking for a way to get in and out quickly to support their habit. They’ll steal cash (yes, even…

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Rekeying or Changing Locks?

What’s The Difference Between Rekeying And Changing Locks? Your initial reaction is likely to replace the locks when you move into a new home, lose a set of keys, or want the keys for your home's locks to match. Rekeying is a second option that many people are unaware of. Changing a lock is a far more expensive and inconvenient solution. Let's look at the differences between rekeying and changing…

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Keeping Your Home Safe

Keeping your house beautiful is just as important as keeping it safe. With all the attention and detail you put into making that home a safe haven. Here are some measures you can take to make your home safe. Secure the doors Inspect all of your outside doors to ensure that the door frames are sturdy, the hinges are secure, and that no one can reach through the mail hole…

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A mobile locksmith is just what you need

If you own a key, you’re definitely familiar with the uneasy sensation you get when you discover you’ve misplaced it. The frustration that grips you, whether it’s for your home, business, or car, is often an unpleasant experience. A mobile locksmith is the superhero everyone needs in such situations. Even though the circumstances you find yourself in aren’t as dire as being locked out of your car, or experiencing a…

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